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PTFE - Based Sheets

Style : 2505


Flexiteck UK Flexiflon's fundamental characteristic is outstanding chemical resistance, due to the PTFE molecular structure in which very long linear chains of carbon atoms are fully wrapped by fluorine atoms. The carbon-fluorine bond is the strongest of all organic chemistry, being minimally affected by thermal excitation or chemical attacks.


Approvals :

FDA conformity

Proposed Potable Water (KTW/ Germany)

Proposed Gas Industry (DIN-DVGW - Germany)

Proposed Liquid / Gaseous Oxygen (BAM - Germany)

Proposed Lloyds (shipping)


Most Flexiflon styles are obtained from a "modified" form of PTFE, which provides greater creep strength, higher elasticity, and lower permeability. Inorganic fillers further improve the ring type joint gasket's mechanical properties. Other properties of Flexiflon are excellent ageing resistance, physiological safety, no contamination of confined media and inherent anti-stick surfaces.


Flexiflon line includes several types of PTFE-based gasket sheets, which are designed mainly for application in the chemical, petrol-chemical, food and pharmaceutical industries.


1. Modified PTFE Glass Fibres : Universal use for most chemically aggressive media and high tightness needs. Recommended for food and pharmaceutical industries.


2. Modified PTFE silica particles : for high mechanical loads, where superior recovery and compression strength and requested.


3. Excellent compression creep characteristics, chemical resistance is the same as that of the pure PTFE cut gaskets, suitable for high-temperature, high-pressure & hydrofluoric acid applications.


4. Mica (mineral) added in various amounts (5% to 10%), provides excellent wear and stability in addition to FDA compliance.

Flon-BS(barium sulphate)

5. The modified PTFE gasketing material which has the widest chemical resistance of the Flexiflon range. In particular against very strong acids and alkalines (pH 0~14) the barium sulphate filled material shows a high mechanical resistance to creep and is used particularly in the pharmaceutical and food industry.


6. Made from 100% pure expanded PTFE to provide excellent sealability where irregularities, voids, or nicks exist on flange surfaces. Meets FDA 21 CFR 177- 1550 requirements.


A remarkable property of Flexiflon ring type joint gaskets is in their high tightness effectiveness, defined by low values of gasket constants, resulting in minimized leakage rates. As a consequence, Flexiflon gaskets are especially recommended for the control of fugitive emissions, in presence of polluting or hazardous media. QUALITY Flexiflon gasket sheets are manufactured under Quality Assurance System, certified according to ISO 9002. The several certifications and approvals issued by institutes and firms further testify to the product's quality