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Rubber Steel Gaskets

Style : RS



Rubber-steel gaskets have secured a fixed application range in the world of gasket technology. Wherever safe sealing of media with extremely low leakage rates and low joint loads at relatively low temperatures is required, rubber-steel gaskets provide the best possible solution.

The different steel supporting rings cause increasing pressure stability and enable trouble-free handling of the rubber-steel gaskets - even under the most difficult assembly conditions.

As a result of its very good adaptability to the sealing surfaces, rubber as a sealing material give you an opportunity to seal safely even in rough service conditions. When it comes to tough jobs, spiral wound gaskets have proven to be the most reliable and durable sealing element. This is why they are used in many different industries around the world. Spiral wound gaskets with rubber steel gaskets have the most reliable sealing element meant for tough use.
Ask our engineering consultancy service or our in-site field sales staff about the best possible rubber-steel gasket for your operating conditions. Make use of our experience in gasket technology which we have gathered over many years.

Typical applications :Chemical industry, Sewage networks, Plastic and glass-fibre reinforced flange joints, Tank flange connections, Underground pipelines, Gas pipelines, Condensate and cooling water pipelines, and Power plants.