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RTJ Gaskets


Star 21 International is the largest ring joint gasket manufacturer in Southeast Asia. We manufacture and supply ring joint gaskets in Singapore that have passed various international standards. Highly reliable and safe, many of our gaskets are widely used in the oil, gas, chemical, petrochemical, offshore, railway, atomic energy, and shipping industries.


How Do RTJ Gaskets Work

Star 21 is a ring joint gasket manufacturer whose gaskets are specifically designed to deliver top-notch tolerance and tightness to withstand pressure as well as temperature changes that are encountered during operations. On top of this, we ensure they are free from imperfections so that their reliability and safety are not compromised.


Types of RTJ Gaskets Offered

We offer a wide range of ring joint gaskets in Singapore.R-Type: Commonly utilized in the petrochemical industry, an R-type gasket is a basic ring joint gasket in the Singapore market. We offer R-type RTJ gaskets in two classifications: oval and octagonal. The oval R-Type RTJ gasket is the original design while the octagonal counterpart is an alteration to the former. The octagonal R-type RTJ gasket is ideal if you are looking for a gasket that delivers better sealing properties.


Recommended Service Conditions for R-Type RTJ Gaskets

RX-Type: An RX-type RTJ gasket is constructed in such a way that it can be interchanged with an R-type RTJ gasket. When interchanged, it actually delivers a better sealing performance. That’s because compared to an R-type RTJ gasket, an RX- type is wider, which means its flange face-to-face separation is tighter. Due to its superb sealing attributes, it is widely used by operators who want utmost protection against unnecessary and prolonged shock loadings and vibrations.


Recommended Service Conditions for RX-Type RTJ Gaskets

BX Type: A BX-type RTJ gasket is known for its internal system pressure which is specifically designed to increase seating stress on flange contact surfaces. It is a cut above the rest when it comes to sealing surfaces since it is the only RTJ gasket that is suitable for API-type BX flanges and grooves.


Recommended Service Conditions for BX-Type RTJ Gaskets


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