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Kamprofile Gaskets

Style : 745

Flexiteck UK



Solid Metal Gaskets & Serrated Metal Gaskets
Serrated metal gasket is made of cold rolled metal plate, but it has concentric grooves and effective sealing area is minimized so as to increase sealing effect. Flat metal gasket is the most simple and economical type of all metal gaskets which is made of cold rolled metal plate. Both of these gaskets are extensively used on pipe flanges.

Core Materials : CS, Soft Iron, Copper, SS304, 316, 321, 347, 410, F5, Titanium, Monel, Hastelloy, and etc.



Parallel root core with intergral centering ring.


Parallel root core without centering ring.


Pararoot core with floating centering ring.


Convex root care with integral centering ring.


Convert root core without centering ring.


Convex root core with floating centering ring.


Layers Materials : Graphite, PTFE, Non Asbestos, Aluminium, & Silver.
In order to protect the flanges from damage caused by the sharp edges of the grooved gaskets, these gaskets are applied in practice with covering layers of graphite, PTFE,
silver & non asbestos fibre.

The very wide sealing stress range (min. to max. stress) of the Kamprofile gasket makes it:

- Highly suitable for varying temperatures and pressures.
- Less sensitive to assembly faults.
- Suitable for light and heavily constructed flanges.
- Dependent on layer material kamprofile gaskets are resistant to temperature from -200 deg,C up to 1000 deg,C.
- Resistant to media pressures up to 250 bar.

However, the purpose of the relatively soft covering layers is not only to protect the flanges but to seal at low minimum contact pressures. Camprofile cores are re-usable after cleaning, inspection (including profile tracing) and re-layering.