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Metal Jacketed Gaskets

Style : 510



Star 21 International is a leading gasket supplier in Singapore. We manufacture and supply Metal jacketed gaskets that meet the most stringent quality requirements to customers and clients worldwide who want to make sure they are using a quality product that will perform every time.


Flexiteck metal jacketed gaskets are specially designed and widely used on smooth flange applications and are ideal for Heat Exchangers, Auto Claves, Columns, Engines, Boilers, Gas Mains, Valve Bonnets and similar services. Jacketed gaskets consist of a sheet metal jacket, and a filler of asbestos, CAF, Graphite, Mica, Ceramic or some layers of sheet metal. The jacket metal should be as soft as plastic as possible taking into account the corrosiveness of the fluid to be sealed.




The filler material is chosen according to the imperfection of the flange.
The better the surface finish and the flatness of the flange face, the harder the filler can be.


Jacket material : Soft iron, Copper, Brass, Aluminium, SS304, 316, 316L, 321, 410, Monel, F5, Incoloy, Titanium, etc.


Filler : CAF, Non-Asbestos, Teflon, Graphite, Ceramic and etc.


The bars are securely spot welded by sophisticated welding techniques (mig, tig, and plasma arc) to the all important outer ring.
Welded-In-Bar Exchanger Gaskets offer the following benefits over One-Piece Gaskets with integral bars :


Lower Price - Typical cost savings 10% to 40% (dependent on material).
Quicker Delivery - Less time to manufacture.
Technically Superior and Safer - Extra sealing safeguards - A better gasket.
Longer Sealing Life - Bars seal independently of the outer ring.
New and higher Standards of Technical Quality.


The overlapped seams produce a locally high seating stress which contributes to the effectiveness of the seal in critical areas. The crucial sealing area is the peripheral ring which prevents media leakage into the atmosphere. Slight leakage across the pass-bars is tolerable since the exchanger manufacturer builds in a designed efficiency-loss catering for leakage at this point.



Type of metal jacketed gaskets




                    J110    Single corrugated no filler




                    J120    Single corrugated core filler




                    J130    Single enclosed, soft filler, open type




                    J140    Double enclosed, soft filler, fully jacketed




                    J150    Single enclosed, soft filler, fully jacketed




                    J160    Double enclosed, soft filler, corrugated




                    J170    Double enclosed, metal filler, corrugated




                   J180    Single enclosed, soft filler, outside open




                  J190    Double enclosed, soft filler, outside open


The thickness of the jacket:

3.2mmt gasket: 0.3mm ~ 0.35mm

4.5mmt gasket: 0.4mm


The thickness of the filler:

3.2mmt gasket: 3.7mm

4.5mmt gasket: 3.7mm


Standards for designing dimensions:

the rib width (W) must be 7mm or over.

the corner dimension®must be 8mm or over



Jacket Metals:


Soft Iron, Soft Steel, SS (304, 316, 321, 347, 410 etc.) Copper, Brass, Monel, Aluminium, Incoloy, Titanium, Inconnel, etc.

Metal jacketed gaskets are suitable for flanges designed to ANSI B16.5 or ASME/ANSI B16.5, API 601, BS. 1560.